Gladiator: Fight For Your Freedom


In a world based around fame, freedom and death a gladiator does not have many choices. Either he will win over the crowd and most importantly Caesar in order to earn his freedom or perish gruesomely within the colosseum walls to the delight of all the spectators. It is not an ideal life for most gladiators. 

Some cannot handle the pressure of fighting to survive each day and end up becoming just another lifeless body on that gets fed to the lions for dinner. However, there are others who live for impaling their sword through another fighter’s flesh and adore every time the crowd roars with excitement each time they vanquish another warrior. 

Some believe becoming a gladiator is a curse, while others feel it’s a privilege. It is up to the player to take control of their gladiator and become a fearless warrior. The fate of each gladiator is within each new player who controls him. The only thing left to find out is will you earn your freedom and live or die a painful, repulsive death and be forgotten forever?