Gladiator: Fight For Your Freedom

Rules of the Game

How To Win
  • Be the last Gladiator standing.

How To Move
  • Players roll a die to begin. Whoever has the highest number goes first and continues clockwise.
  • Flick the spinner to move.
  • You are allowed to choose the number of spaces you want to advance if you spin a 2 or higher.  
        Ex: If you spin a 3, you can move up to 3 spaces (you may move 2 instead) If you spin a 1, then you can only move one.  
  • You can choose not to move.

Bonus Cards (G)
  • If the spinner lands on G, pick up a bonus card.
  • If all the bonus cards are used up in the game, please reshuffle them.
  • Bonus cards can only be used once and then they are discarded.

How To Attack
  • Roll the die to attack.
  • The number you roll is the number of points your enemy loses.
  • Strength is the number that you add to your attack hit points.
        Ex: I roll a 5. I have a strength of 2. I now deal 7 damage to my enemy.
  • Players with 2 agility may roll the die twice to attack twice. Players with 1 agility can only roll once.
  • Spear-throwers can hit their respective target from 3 spaces away.  
  • You are not allowed to attack any combinations of players more than 2 turns in a row.
  • When only 2 players are remaining on the game board, they can attack each other every turn.  The previous rule stated above does not apply.
  • The special effect cards that you can pick up need to be used right away, they cannot be stored for use later in the game.  After a card has been used, place it in a separate pile away from the cards still in play.  

  • Armor is the number of points you subtract from an enemies attack.
        Ex: The enemy deals 5 damage on you. You have 3 armor. The enemy attack is now only 2 damage.

Life After Death
  • If anytime during the game, your health drops down to 0, you can return to the game after waiting 5 turns.  
  • Your return has to be back to your original starting point in the game.  
  • Your health will not be fully restored; recovery of your health will only be up to 5.  
  • You can only return to the game in this fashion once.  If you die a second time, you have ultimately lost the game.